Corporate sustainability in the aerospace industry

Mission and impacts

Environmental audits

  • Managing ISO 14001 internal and external environmental audits (surveillance and re-certification) across 7 countries, multiple departments and coordinating more than 200 stakeholders;
  • Preparing employees for environment audits through the development of an explanatory flyer;
  • Preparing the transition to the new norm (ISO-14001 2015) through the analysis of the standard, the preparation of training materials and the organization of training sessions for employees across different key departments (more than 200 people trained);
  • Developing a thematic audit findings database shared across all Airbus sites and departments in order to perform a global assessment of the strengths and weaknesses identified and make sure that good practices are shared across all sites and departments.

Group-level activities

  • Coordinating cross-divisional working groups on legal compliance (focus: chemical regulations), the end-of-life management of products, and eco-design and life cycle analysis;
  • Performing risk and opportunities analysis (ERM);
  • Preparing awareness briefs (for employees and executives) on key trends;
  • Contributing to the annual CSR and Board of Directors reports;
  • Coordinating the preparation of group-level policies and strategies;
  • Supporting the organisation of group-wide events.

Industrial environmental footprint reduction program Blue5

  • Conducting data and trends analysis, benchmarking, and collecting expert recommendations;
  • Delivering strategic recommendations for the next set of industrial environmental objectives;
  • Helping innovative projects with a sustainability benefit find public-funding, from the identification of schemes, to improvement recommendations and the facilitation of applications.

REACH compliance management

  • Supporting compliance management in collaboration with legal and procurement teams.

Support to inter-company and sectorial collaboration activities

  • Leading a taskforce to prepare and release sectoral guidance on the REACH regulation through the Aerospace and Defence Industries Association of Europe;
  • Organising the first ever International Aerospace Environmental Group meeting and supporting the board of Directors.


Keywords: aerospace industry, CSR, audits, reporting, ISO 14001, compliance, public funding, end-of-life, REACH, eco-design, life-cycle analysis




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