The Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS) conducts transdisciplinary research with the goal of identifying, advancing, and guiding transformation processes towards sustainable societies in Germany and abroad. Cooperating with a wide range of stakeholders, from academia and governments to civil society and the business world, it is funded by the research ministries of the Federal Government of Germany and the State of Brandenburg. The IASS is based in Potsdam, Germany.

  • Evaluating the sustainability performance of the institute, from the identification of relevant indicators to data collection and analysis;
  • Carrying out a materiality analysis to identify priorities;
  • Developing a sustainability strategy through a collaborative process involving the management team and employees;
  • Developing an implementation plan for the strategy;
  • Designing and running communication campaigns (awareness campaigns, newsletters, did-you-know series, quizzes);
  • Employee engagement: development of idea boxes, organization of events (Cycle or Walk to IASS challenge, Sustainability Photography Contest).

From top to bottom: IASS Photography contest logo, Cycle or Walk to IASS challenge logo, Employee commuting survey 2016 poster. ©IASS/Soline Bonnel

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SDGs project IASS