BE.ive provides consulting services to help organisations operate more sustainably.


An introduction to building future-proof and mission-driven organisations

Duration: 10 minutes to 2 hours


  • What is sustainable development and why it is a must for businesses
  • From CSR to social entrepreneurship: exploring the spectrum of responsible business
  • Building future-proof and mission-driven businesses: some keys for a good start


Duration: variable (from 1 hour to several weeks)

Our consulting services:

  • Sustainability assessments based on international frameworks (GRI, GHG Protocol)
  • Implementation of an environmental management system (e.g. ISO 14001, EMAS)
  • Development and implementation of sustainability strategies and policies
  • Assessment of sustainability-related communication campaigns and issuance of recommendations
  • Program or project management services for sustainability related initiatives


Tools and methods for responsible business leaders

Duration: 1 to 2 days


Building future-proof and mission-driven businesses – from theory to practice in five steps:

  1. Vision and values: where it all starts
  2. Risks and opportunities: identifying stakes and their materiality to stakeholders
  3. Strategic planning: from taking stocks to taking action
  4. Measuring progress and impacts
  5. Communication: toolbox and guidance for authentic and transparent stories


Helping you grow as a responsible business leader

Duration: variable (5 to 10 hours)

Our coaching services:

Every undertaking has non-financial impacts, be they societal or environmental. Ensuring that your mission is not carried out at the expense of society or the planet can be highly challenging – especially for startups and entrepreneurs. We will be happy to guide you with an individualised coaching scheme.


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Be adaptive BE.ive philosophy
Be adaptive BE.ive philosophy

The world is changing, only those able to adapt and evolve will succeed

Be creative BE.ive philosophy
Be creative BE.ive philosophy

Because a new context requires new thinking: be creative and break the mold!

Be disruptive BE.ive philosophy
Be disruptive BE.ive philosophy

Don't just wait for the world to change you, change the world for the better

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Why BE.ive?

Our professional experience in multinational companies, NGOs, research institutes, and startup incubators allows us to really understand you. We speak fluently English, German and French.

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... one more thing

When you book a workshop or a consulting service with us, you contribute to making these same services accessible to those who could not afford them, thanks to our pro bono program.

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What will we bring you?

 Align your actions with your values in a structured way, reduce your exposure to risks and seize opportunities, strengthen and protect your image, and build customer loyalty.

François Pougel is Co-founder and Managing Partner of BE.ive. François holds a MSc in earth sciences and a MA in political sciences, and has experience working with NGOs, multinational companies, trade associations, and research institutes. He excels at fostering dialogue and collaboration in order to find workable solutions to complex problems.

Soline Bonnel is Co-founder and Managing Partner of BE.ive. She has experience working with start-ups, incubators, research institutes, SMEs, and multinational companies. Soline holds a MSc in earth sciences and a MA in political sciences. Always looking for new ways to help people, she helps organizations become more efficient and seize the opportunities offered by global social and environmental challenges.

We believe in a world where everyone has the power to help shape the sustainable future we all aspire to. But we also know how difficult it can be for organisations to align their actions on their values. We are on a mission to give organisations the innovative tools and practical knowledge they need to thrive. Sustainably.

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